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CBT for Insomnia

Insomnia is defined as difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep. For individuals who struggle with insomnia, the lack of sleep can be debilitating, leading to impairment in work or school related function, irritability and mood symptoms. Insomnia can often be a symptom of an underlying psychiatric disorder, such as anxiety or depression, or can sometimes be present independent of any other issues. 

Dr. Rosen is an expert in the treatment of insomnia. Medication can sometimes be helpful to treat underlying psychiatric conditions, but patients often find that they are too sedated the next morning or become dependent on these medications to sleep. CBT for insomnia is an effective and evidence based short term course of therapy aimed at providing education and behavioral modification to improve the quality of sleep. Over the course of 4-6 sessions, Dr. Rosen will work with patients to better understand our body's need for sleep and to change their thinking and behaviors around bedtime routines to improve sleep.

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