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Coping with Chronic Illness

Teens & young adults dealing with chronic illness such as Diabetes or Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis are more likely to struggle with anxiety, depression, stress and other mental health issues. Dr. Rosen has extensive experience working with medically ill children, teens and young adults. She has previously served as the director of Pediatric Consultation/Liaison Psychiatry at Woodhull Hospital, and has educated pediatricians and psychologists on the mind-body interface and mental health issues in the chronically ill.

Dr. Rosen offers CBT for chronic pain, a time-limited therapy which is effective in increasing functioning and coping skills in those struggling with pain. She offers therapy for those struggling with issues of identity, self-esteem or loss related to their chronic conditions and also works with families struggling with noncompliance to medical treatment in their children or teens.

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