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Organizational Skills Training for ADHD

Organizational skills training helps children and teens develop skills for organizing school work and assignments successfully.  ADHD, in addition to being characterized by impulsivity and hyperactivity, is a disorder of executive functioning. Children with ADHD may struggle to plan ahead, prioritize, organize or pay careful attention to detail.  Children and teens who lack the skills to organize their assignments and responsibilities struggle to keep up at school. Dr. Rosen will work with your child, parents and teachers to improve organizational skills at home and at school. When needed, she will help families advocate for additional services or academic placement through an IEP.

Dr. Rosen works with adults struggling with problems at work or school related to ADHD. She applies CBT principles and organizational skills training to provide patients with increased mastery and control over ADHD symptoms.  She will work with you to improve self-esteem and functioning at work and in social settings.

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